Friday, July 27, 2007


So, Mom and i have been talking alot lately about how cool it is to have so many siblings in our family, but also how the ages tend to cause some gaps, like the younger boys getting to know their big brothers, and how the youngest one has only sporadic memories of the house I grew up in, and now the fact that 4 of the grandchildren don't even live near enough for us to visit on any kind of regular basis.
So, I have been chewing on this thought for a while and decided it would be a fun project. Mainly it has stemmed from a story i told about Grandpa V once, and how Dave never got to meet him, and that made me sad, and made me realize i have precious memories of my grandparents that i must share with my younger siblings so they too can have these memories to pass on to the next generation.
I also want to invite other blogging family members to add their own thoughts and memories. Should be a fun experience.
I hope y'all enjoy reading and sharing in the fun. :)