Tuesday, August 28, 2007

summer mornings in the country ...................

We lived in Walpole NH. on a farm, in the summer, on warm perfect days, we would come out of our rooms and peek out the windows to check the weather. The cows were grazing in the pasture, fog was lifting off the river just beyond the tree line, and there, at the end of our yard, buried to her shoulders in "briars" was Meemaw. She stayed with us many times for a week or so at a time. When David and Jake were born both times she came to help Mom till she got back on her feet.
Those summer mornings she was picking blackberries. We had this giant blackberry bush half on our yard, half in the cow pasture, with a barbed wire fence running right through it.
I hated that bush in the mornings, it had nasty big ol' spider webs all over it, definitely NOT worth the effort.
Meemaw thought differently. She would go out there, bowl in hand and bury her tiny body in those "briars" (thats the southern word ya know) and she would come out with a bowl heaping full of ripe glistening, dewy blackberries. They were delectable, especially in a bowl of farm fresh milk, with sugar. NOTHING beats that taste! She took us blueberry picking once, and even dragged Eric out to go strawberry picking one time. Always giving us "berries and cream" for breakfast.
I suppose Dave and Jake wouldn't remember since they were the tiny little people at the time.
How i Wish you had known Summer mornings with Meemaw and Blackberries. :)